Starting Over

Biography - Jennifer Jensen

  Meet Jennifer (Jenn) Jensen, a twenty-year-old student from Manitoba, Canada. 

  After graduating from high school in 2007, she applied and was accepted to Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, which she attended until January of 2009, when she was forced to withdraw due to medical reasons.  Now she's living in Manitoba with her parents again, looking for a job that can support her goal of moving out on her own again by September of 2010. 

  Jennifer enjoys travelling and has been to all of the Canadian provinces except Newfoundland.  She has also taken two international trips while in high school.  The first was in the spring of 2006, to England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.  The second was in the spring of 2007, to Germany (only Frankfurt airport, but still!), Greece, Turkey, and London. She hopes to make it to Rome one day, among many other places!

  As said above, Jenn is currently living with her family: her mom, her dad, her three cats (Punky, Midnight, and Nyx); and her fish, Taxi.