Starting Over

Am still slugging through The Simple Dollar.  Lots of great articles there! 

Downside:  Feeling more than slightly overwhelmed.

I've started thieving the grocery receipts from my Dad so I can get some idea of how much I will be spending per month on food when I'm living on my own... it's looking pretty scary already!  How much do you spend per month on groceries?

Going to visit my Aunt this upcoming weekend - she is going to help me with my resumé and I am going to cook her some food.  Plus there's that cool aunt-niece bonding time. Yippee!

Pigged out on pizza today - feel pretty gross.  Why do I do this to myself?

Also tidied up my deskspace - feel much less stressed now! 

Finished my first zentangle, pictures will be added to "Hobbies" section of the site at some point this evening.

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