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Do ambulance drivers have to memorize street maps of the surrounding area(s) before they are allowed to drive the ambulance?

What happens if an ambulance driver gets lost on the way to an pick up a patient?  Are there backup drivers or ambulances ready in case this happens?

What about ambulance drivers in large cities?  Are they responsible for the entire city, or for only a certain radius from their hospital?

I am curious.  Does anyone know the answers to these questions? 

(An ambulance just drove by on the highway with its lights and siren on, in case anyone is wondering what prompted this post)


Their station will determine what area they cover. Typically, each station will have maps on the area they are covering. They also get traffic and road closing updates. Also, with today's technology, it wouldn't surprise me if most medical vehicles have built in GPS units. My dad is a firefighter and their new rescue trucks have GPS units in them.

Hopefully, this answers some of your questions... :-)


-smacks forehead- Oh gosh, I didn't even think of GPS! Of course! Thanks for the comment, I feel enlightened. :D


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