Starting Over


So I'm very fond of this new Advanced Editing feature that Weebly has given us.  I like that my links don't have to be blue anymore!  Unfortunately, there has been a small snag. 

Hover over the title of this blog post. 

See it?  See the blue?  I can't make it go away. :(

Can anyone help me, please? 


I woke up this morning to achy, throbbing, shake-y legs.  Not my favourite way to start the day, but what can I do about it?

I'll tell you what I can do - have a nice, long, hot shower!  That did the trick.  No more achy legs.  My day is looking up!

Got out of the shower, went on the computer for a bit - I played around with the new advanced options for the themes a little, do you like the new link colours? - decided I was hungry.  Came out of my room to the delicious smell of locally-grown pork sausage heating up in the oven.  My dad was kind enough to make me up an omelette with mushrooms, green onion, cheese, and some of said sausage. It was fantastic.

Did some dishes, watched a crazy squirrel pull some wicked stunts on the hanging birdfeeder - then, disaster struck!

Yes.  Disaster.

I decided to put some clothes through the wash.  Gathered them all together, went downstairs, fired up the washing machine - the usual.  Came back upstairs for a while, clicked around the internet.  Wasted time, basically. Aha! Time to toss my laundry!  Clomp clomp clomp down the stairs... open the dryer, throw in a Bounce sheet, t-shirt, jeans, a sock, some more socks...

I get to the bottom, and what do I see? 

My favourite bra.  With the underwire sticking about halfway out.

F*** my life. (Not really.  The bra can be fixed, it's just a pain to have to do so. And this is my blog, so I can whine if I want to. Deal with it.)

And it's only noon. Hopefully the day will get better from here!


Today I decided to start up a new blog, on a new website.  Mostly because I am sick of using Blogger.  Also, my mother follows my old blog and there are some things that she really doesn't need to know about.  I'm not trying to hide things, per se, it's just a little stifling to know that there is always the possiblity of her reading over my shoulder, so to speak, and getting horribly offended.  It wasn't an issue when I was at university, but now that I'm living at home again I need to do everything I can to keep the drama at a minimum.

So, it looks like I'm going to spending the day getting this website and blog all set up and running!  Hopefully it isn't overly difficult, and then I might be able to feel as though I've accomplished something today.

I don't expect that this website and blog will get many hits for a good, long while.  I don't plan to give the link out to anyone until after my trip to Mount Allison in March, anyway, because I want to post about things on here that my friends at MTA shouldn't hear about before I get the chance to tell them in person. 

In a way, I guess, this blog/website conglomeration is entirely mine for the next month or so.  I'll have a chance to play around, get a system down... establish things for myself.  This is good.  Change is good.

I hope.