Starting Over


Woke up late again today.  This is not a good thing. I mean, yes, it's nice to sleep in, but not this much! 
Ha.  I remember when waking up at 11 was way too early.  What's sad is that it was less than three months ago that this was the case. It's crazy how quickly things can change! 

Anyway, woke up late, like I said.  Had open-faced egg mcmuffins for breakfast - delicious!  Did pretty much shit-all between breakfast and lunch... read some Firefly fanfiction.  Firefly seems to have become my latest mini-obsession.  There is some really good fiction out there, and there are some very talented writers.  I don't know if I like the tendancy to focus on River, though.  I suppose she is the most interesting character in the fandom in that she is the most bizarre, but I find her boring.  She's too predictable.  I can't relate to her.

Also, "River" is a dumb name. Sorry. It's right up there with "Apple".

You may recall a few days ago, when I mentioned that I've been re-reading The Bell Jar.  I am nearly finished with chapter eleven, and I'm a little disturbed by how much I can relate to this novel.  I don't particularly want to go into details now, but you can expect a post about this later on, when I've finished the book again. 

Played some DDR this afternoon... I thought it would make me feel like shit, but besides being perhaps a bit more difficult than I would have preferred, I feel pretty good.  I actually had fun!  I'll probably have another go at it tomorrow, I don't want to overdo things and turn myself off of the only tolerable form of exercise I have available when it's this bloody cold outside. 

I really need to lose some weight.

I feel so much better now that I know the Prednisone dose is coming down. I know it's entirely psychological, but I can tolerate the side effects much more easily now that I know they will be going away soon. 

I can't wait to feel NORMAL again.


I was supposed to go to Selkirk today to pick up a job application and do some shopping at Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire for the family.  Sadly, the weather decided not to co-operate and I was forced to stay home. Booo.

Played Guitar Hero for an hour or so, that was fun.  I get fairly good scores on medium, but when I mess up it's because I've done something stupid like confuse the yellow and red buttons.  I must have some kind of mental block when it comes to these colours!  Also, my hand does NOT open wide enough (or my pinky finger is not strong enough) to hit the blue button with any sort of speed or strength.  Anything faster than 1/4 and I fail hardcore with the blue button.

I do enjoy playing, though, despite my shortcomings.  It's a nice way to spend an hour on my feet instead of my ass.  xD

Tomorrow I will bust out the DDR, though, I think.  I've had a craving for a while now and I need to lose some weight.  Might as well kill two birds with one stone!  I just want to be careful that I don't hurt myself before I go to MTA, the last thing I want is for that trip to be cancelled.  It's pretty much all I've got to look forward to right now. I guess I should start thinking of things to look forward to for when I get back from my trip so I don't fall into an emo pit.

What do you do when you need some excitement in your life, when you need something to look forward to?  How do you find new things to do?