Starting Over





Boy oh boy do I ever hate Daylight Savings Time.  Woke up sooo late today.  Now I'm going to be all thrown off-cycle for the rest of the day. 

Having a really trembly, achy muscle day today.  My legs are not impressed with me.  Hopefully this will happen less frequently when I get a desk in my room and can stop sitting cross-legged on my bed when I'm on the computer (which is sitting on a cardboard box). 

Watched the first two extended Lord of the Rings movies yesterday.  I'd forgotten how much I love them.  I'll watch Return of the King today.  Also watched Enchanted yesterday... I'm such a sucker for Disney. 

CP gave me a link so a roleplay board that he's involved in with some people he knows... I checked it out and sort of want to join, but I can see myself getting bored with it fairly quickly.  We'll see, though - if I can throw a character together today that's interesting enough, I might join up.

Started re-reading The Bell Jar the other day.  I raced through it the first time, and that was a few years ago, so I figured it was time to give it another go. 

I gave Jeremie the link to this site yesterday... he didn't seem impressed.  Oh, well.

Bought a sketchbook on Saturday.  Have a couple of things to upload, nothing very good or exciting but I hope to get that done sometime today. 

Desk shopping and doctor's appointment tomorrow, visit to MTA in ten days!

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