Starting Over

Well, yesterday certainly was interesting.  Hello, emo Jenn!  Yeesh.  Sorry about that, guys. 

Anyway, today I have my doctor's appointment.  My dad and I are going to go for lunch at Perkins first, so that's exciting.  I do love Perkins. 

Hopefully this appointment will be quick and relatively painless. I hate the damn blood pressure cuff, but it's over quickly enough. 

Shall I make some med-changing predictions?  I think they're going to increase my Ramipril to 15mg/day, I think they might decrease my Prednisone to 5mg/day if I'm lucky, and I think they'll let me keep my Furosemide at 60mg/day. CellCept they'll obviously leave alone.  

Will update when I get home!

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