New Desk! - Starting Over

Starting Over


I am blogging from the surface of my brand-new (to me) desk!  Yaaay!  Pictures of my amazing new set-up will be posted as soon as said set-up is finished, which won't be for a couple of days as my dad bought me a bookshelf/hutch add-on as a surprise (yay Dad!) and he can't get it home until Friday.  It feels so good to finally be able to spread my office stuff out, and to be able to sit properly, in a chair, while I type and such! 

In other news, one of my fish (Adelaide) died yesterday :(  I did some searching around online and I think the tank that I have might have been too small for the two fish.  Kelsey said that I could have her old 10 gallon tank, so I think I will take her up on that offer after I get back from MTA.  I don't want Methuselah to be unhappy!  I'm not sure if I will get him another tank-mate or not, I will have to do some more reading/research.

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