Starting Over

So the Clinic never did call me back... so I called them again a couple days ago.  They told me to go see the local doctor, who I refer to as the Witch Doctor because she's rather rude.  But whatever, went to see the Witch Doctor, she prescribed some antibiotics for me and told me to go give a blood and urine sample.  I thought she might do that, though, so I fasted before my appointment just in case.  That went as well as can be expected when it comes to surprise blood tests. 

Got my antibiotics from the pharmacy... they're freaking HUGE.  At least two or three times the size of a normal gel capsule.  They're Gryffindor colours, though, which is amusing.  I have to take one every six hours for five days. Blargh. 

I mentioned this site and blog in a thread on Solia, so if there are any Solians reading this, hello!  Sorry for all the health talk. 

In other news, I have "Under African Skies" by Paul Simon stuck in my head. 


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