Starting Over


When I remember to take pictures of the things I make myself to eat, I will put them here on the off-chance that someone might be interested in what I'm putting into my body.



Breakfast Omelette

  A delicious omelette that I find myself making almost every morning, with minor variations.  Mostly involves mushrooms and onions, heated up in a frying pan with a mixture of egg white & cottage cheese to make a very delicious, very fluffy omelette.  Throw it on a plate with some lettuce and some grapes (yes, it sounds  weird but it tastes fantastic, trust me!) and put a bit of ketchup on top for a really great start to your day.

Some variations include: adding chopped up meat (usually deli roast beef), making it a scramble (usually when I fail to flip the omelette properly) and putting it in a whole wheat or flax wrap.