Starting Over


This is where you can see some of the more crafty things I do.  Updates to this page will probably be few and far between, mostly because I always forget to take photos of my finished projects. Whoops.

Pill Box

This is a box for an old camera that I covered with fabric (very carefully, because I didn't have very much!) and stamped to make a pretty box to hold my prescription meds. I needed something to keep my meds seperate from my mom's, and all of my pill bottles and boxes fit perfectly in here.

I would like to point out my clever idea of using the brads to hold the corners down on the flap of the box, and to hold the handle on.

I actually used scrapbooking adhesive to stick the fabric to the box; it's held up surprisingly well! No mishaps since I finished it at the end of January 2009.

Altered Journal

This is an ooooold old book that I "rescued" from my high school library right before I graduated... they were going to throw it out! It was covered in a really ugly dust jacket that revealed a KICKASS cover when removed. I knew I had to do something with this book. It took a lot of willpower to make the first "alteration", because it's been drilled into my head my entire life to respect books... once I got started, though, I couldn't stop!

I used scrapbooking materials (paper, hole punches, adhesives, etc.etc.) and decorated the pages. Some of them look plain at the first glance (I know you're thinking I didn't do ANYTHING for the fleur-du-lis page... first person to find the secret there gets a gold star =P )

There's another two sets of pages that I didn't put up in here. The first I left out because it was god-awful and I am ashamed of it. The second I left out because it's my favourite and I can't get the colours to come out right in photos or with my scanner, and I want to wait to post it until I feel like it's being adequately represented!

This is pretty much an ongoing project for me to play with whenever I feel like it... it's so theraputic to put together!

Questions?  Comments?  Let me hear 'em!