Starting Over


Flight was cancelled today, hoping the weather clears up so I can get home tomorrow. 

Tired and shaky today.


At MTA for the weekend, thus the lack of updates.  Home on Tuesday. See you then!


Happy St Patrick's Day! 

I am celebrating by having a marathon of The West Wing when I should be:

- cleaning the house
- running errands uptown
- running errands in the city
- going for a walk


Beware the Ides of March! 

I wish today were a holiday, only because I want to be able to say that it is my favourite! 

If I had been on top of things this year I would have thrown a party or something. 

Love the Ides of March.


At some point in the past 24 hours I have become addicted to Twitter.  This is not good.

Thinking about perhaps going to the Forks tomorrow if the weather stays nice.  Will hit up Polo on Monday for sure. 

Maybe Chapters? Maybe?

I need to get out of this house and start MEETING new people.


All the good Coldplay tickets seem to have disappeared like THAT. 



Added a picture to my Drawings page, if anyone's interested.


Woke up late again today.  This is not a good thing. I mean, yes, it's nice to sleep in, but not this much! 
Ha.  I remember when waking up at 11 was way too early.  What's sad is that it was less than three months ago that this was the case. It's crazy how quickly things can change! 

Anyway, woke up late, like I said.  Had open-faced egg mcmuffins for breakfast - delicious!  Did pretty much shit-all between breakfast and lunch... read some Firefly fanfiction.  Firefly seems to have become my latest mini-obsession.  There is some really good fiction out there, and there are some very talented writers.  I don't know if I like the tendancy to focus on River, though.  I suppose she is the most interesting character in the fandom in that she is the most bizarre, but I find her boring.  She's too predictable.  I can't relate to her.

Also, "River" is a dumb name. Sorry. It's right up there with "Apple".

You may recall a few days ago, when I mentioned that I've been re-reading The Bell Jar.  I am nearly finished with chapter eleven, and I'm a little disturbed by how much I can relate to this novel.  I don't particularly want to go into details now, but you can expect a post about this later on, when I've finished the book again. 

Played some DDR this afternoon... I thought it would make me feel like shit, but besides being perhaps a bit more difficult than I would have preferred, I feel pretty good.  I actually had fun!  I'll probably have another go at it tomorrow, I don't want to overdo things and turn myself off of the only tolerable form of exercise I have available when it's this bloody cold outside. 

I really need to lose some weight.

I feel so much better now that I know the Prednisone dose is coming down. I know it's entirely psychological, but I can tolerate the side effects much more easily now that I know they will be going away soon. 

I can't wait to feel NORMAL again.


Had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and got some great news!  My Creatnin number (the Holy Grail, as it were) has apparently gone down to EIGHTY-THREE.  YES. THAT IS 83.

This is a big deal.

83 is a normal number for creatnin to be at.

When I was in the hospital, my creatnin was around 140. That was bad.

That this number is going down means that the drugs are working. THANK GOODNESS, because THAT means that I (hopefully) won't have to go on the drug that will make me infertile at nineteen years old.  Call me crazy, but I'd like to have the option of starting a family someday.

The doctor said that my bone density scan results were better than average, so he took me off the Actonel (yaaay!) and he's also started taking down the dosage of my Prednisone - in eight weeks I will be down to 10mg/day, as opposed to the 80mg/day I was on yesterday.  This makes me SO HAPPY because I hate the side effects of the Prednisone.

Things are looking up, health-wise!


I am blogging from the surface of my brand-new (to me) desk!  Yaaay!  Pictures of my amazing new set-up will be posted as soon as said set-up is finished, which won't be for a couple of days as my dad bought me a bookshelf/hutch add-on as a surprise (yay Dad!) and he can't get it home until Friday.  It feels so good to finally be able to spread my office stuff out, and to be able to sit properly, in a chair, while I type and such! 

In other news, one of my fish (Adelaide) died yesterday :(  I did some searching around online and I think the tank that I have might have been too small for the two fish.  Kelsey said that I could have her old 10 gallon tank, so I think I will take her up on that offer after I get back from MTA.  I don't want Methuselah to be unhappy!  I'm not sure if I will get him another tank-mate or not, I will have to do some more reading/research.