Starting Over

Alright.  So.  I need to update my resumé so that I can get a shit minimum wage job so I can get an apartment at some point in the near future.

Here is a basic summary of my life.

Education - graduated high school with honours in '07.  Went to MTA from September of '07 until January of '09, when I had to leave because of the vasculitis.

Work - Managed the U-Pick for my dad every summer since I was thirteen except for '07 and '09.  In '07 I worked at the café at the marsh, preparing food and operating the till.

THAT IS IT.  Who on earth is going to hire me?!  And... who am I supposed to put down as references?!  My father?  Hardly!  The woman from the Marsh who hired me over two years ago?  She's probably forgotten who I am, never mind whether or not I was a good worker. 

Any brilliant ideas, O readers?  (I know you're there, I can see my pageviews!)

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